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Visual astronomy is great fun. Few experiences compare to discovering ancient objects in the night sky with your own eyes. Seeing the rings of Saturn, the light from an elusive ancient galaxy millions of light years away, or the intricate tangle of nebulosity in the Great Orion Nebula are moments that stay with you for a lifetime. For some of you they’ll hook you in, and take you on a fantastical voyage out from our solar system and across the stars to a time beyond the birth of humanity.

Imagine watching one of Jupiter’s moons transit across the face of the planet, much like Venus did in front of the Sun earlier this year. With a telescope you’ll be able to follow comets as they fly into our solar system and back out again into the icy depths of space. Galaxies will start to reveal structure, and you’ll get to see the ancient shells of exploded stars – and even the burning embers of white dwarfs that reside at their hearts.

It’s a dynamic universe – and with a telescope from Dark Sky Telescope Hire you have a front row seat! Let us be your guide to this amazing universe above our heads. Sometimes the hardest part is finding objects in the night sky, and working out what you’re looking at. With this in mind we’ve assembled some astro resources to help you get started on your journey.

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What Can I See?

Observing Tips for Light Polluted Skies


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